Featured Stories

Monitoring Lung Function At Home

NIH-supported research investigates monitoring lung function at home in patients with lung disease.

When COVID-19 Symptoms Linger

New NIH initiative seeks to understand why some people continue to have symptoms long after recovery. 

Calming an Overactive Immune System

NIH-supported study is testing therapeutics to calm an excessive immune response.

Communities Fighting COVID!

Research aims to boost COVID-19 testing for diverse groups by tapping into community strengths.

Expanding Testing on Reservations

Researchers study ways to encourage American Indians to seek tests.

Saving Lives in the ICU

New device could help prevent or treat multiple organ failure.

Pregnancy and COVID-19 Risks

Study compares pregnancy and health outcomes before and during the pandemic.

Accelerating COVID-19 Research

NIH supports speedy development of new COVID-19 tests.


COVID-19 Vaccine Development: Behind the Scenes

Years of research enables a COVID-19 vaccine to be developed in record time.


COVID-19: The Ripple Effects

A new NIH working group hopes to understand and reduce social, behavioral, and economic health problems caused by the pandemic.