Current Treatment Research

NIH is supporting many clinical trials through its ACTIV initiative to test a variety of treatments and therapies for COVID-19.

Drugs to calm the immune system

This study tests the safety and effectiveness of three medicines, called immune modulators, to minimize the effects of an overactive immune system response that some COVID-19 patients experience. This response, called a “cytokine storm,” can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome, multiple organ failure, and other life-threatening complications. The clinical trial aims to determine if minimizing that immune response can reduce the need for ventilators and shorten hospital stays.

Learn about ACTIV-1 Immune Modulators trials

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Antibodies to lessen the severity of COVID-19

This clinical trial is enrolling adults with COVID-19 who are not hospitalized to evaluate safety, to understand if the treatment can reduce the duration of symptoms, and to test if the treatment can increase the proportion of participants with undetectable virus.

Learn about the ACTIV-2 Outpatient Monoclonal Antibodies study

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Drugs to prevent blood clotting

Three types of studies aim to determine if various types of medicines called blood thinners can treat adults diagnosed with COVID-19 and prevent life-threatening blood clots from forming. The studies focus on people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 but are not hospitalized, those who are hospitalized, and those who are recovering from COVID-19.

Read about the ACTIV-4 Antithrombotics study

Repurposing medicine used to treat other conditions

These studies are enrolling people who are hospitalized with COVID-19 to test whether medicines already approved to treat other conditions can be used to also treat COVID-19.

Get information about the ACTIV-5 Big Effect Trial

Treatment Guidelines

Treatment Guidelines

Stay up to date on the latest COVID-19 treatment guidelines, developed by a U.S. panel of experts. 

Treatment Resources

Learn about monoclonal antibodies, which are being tested in NIH clinical trials as a potential treatment for COVID-19. 

Learn how antibodies can be effective at preventing COVID-19, especially for people with compromised immune systems.

Learn what to do if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and what approved treatments are being used.

Learn more about treatment options and clinical trials from HHS.

Clinical trials offer hope for patients while helping researchers find better treatments.

Selected NIH-Published Research on Treatments

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