Investigating the most promising treatments and therapies for COVID-19 


Supporting research to develop safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19

Clinical Trials

Information about clinical trials on treatments and vaccines for COVID-19

COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines 

The latest COVID-19 treatment guidelines, developed and updated regularly by a U.S. panel of experts.  


How COVID-19 Affects Pregnancy

Should you get the vaccine during pregnancy? Does the vaccine cause infertility? NIH research is helping to answer these questions and more.


Combat COVID-19

You can help find ways to prevent and treat COVID-19—whether you’ve never had COVID-19, you have COVID-19 now, or you had it in the past.

Learn how you can join a vaccine or treatment clinical trial, or donate your plasma to help others who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Journey of a Vaccine

Learn about the four phases of clinical research, what questions researchers try to answer in each, and how a vaccine is developed, approved, and manufactured.

NIH COVID-19 Resources by Topic

COVID-19 research information and resources by topic from NIH institutes and centers